Group I  Regular flavors

  White, Yellow, Chocolate, Marble, White Marble,

 or 1 layer White or Yellow and 1 layer Chocolate


Group II  specialty flavors 

  Banana or Banana Nut,  Cherry,

Spice, or Lemon.


Group III Date and Nut cake, or Red Velvet cake

Basic cake flavors with a filling

Fillings available: Strawberry, Cherry, Lemon, Raspberry, Pineapple, Chocolate, or  

Chantilly Lace  Custard, made with real whip cream and white chocolate.

* Fruit fillings do not contain fresh fruit.


Group IV

 Summer cassata: Yellow cake filled with custard & strawberry filling (can be made with custard and any fruit filling)

Karenís Favorite:    Chocolate & Raspberry Truffle cake.    1 layer white, I layer chocolate with chocolate truffle & Raspberry filling.

(Can be made with any cake flavor and any fruit filling with the rich chocolate ganache (truffle) filling)


Group V   

Carrot cake,

 White Chocolate wrapped   Grand Marnier Cassada

 Rolled Fondant cakes

*Rolled Fondant can not go over a cassata cake or any cake that requires refrigeration